A Brief History On The Era Of Video Games

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Video gaming has transformed as one of the extremely lucrative entertainment sectors worldwide. In this article, we will discuss about the era of video games in general, and how it grew to become a very profitable industry.

How video games started

Video games have humble beginnings in form of arcade machines in mid 19th century, until it was introduced to homes when home console versions of those arcade machines were released. Soon enough, video games gained traction, with early consoles such as SNES and PlayStation 1 dominating the market.

The rise of mobile games

Gaming on mobile phones has experienced a tremendous rate of growth in recent times, which greatly changed the video game market and exposed opportunities to a brand new era of players. Without a doubt, video gaming has grown to be so incorporated with contemporary lifestyle that even grandparents have an idea about famous mobile games such as Angry Birds, and a lot of households have at least one gaming console to play on.

Cheating on video games

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Nowadays, rampant cheating in video games is constantly a problem for a lot of game developers. Every multiplayer game with online capabilities has been plagued by cheaters. As a counter to cheaters, developers have introduced anti cheating software such as Valve Anti Cheat (VAC), Easy Anti Cheat (EAC), and a lot of other programs that can ban the account of players if they are suspected of cheating. As such, please exercise caution when using video game cheats like the one mentioned earlier in this article.