Updated 14 April 2010

1. St. Louis = Sam Bradford- QB(Sr), Oklahoma.
Rams need a QB... and that position outweighs all other needs in St. Louis.

2. Detroit = Ndamukong Suh- DT(Sr), Nebraska.
The Lions need to go defense after their 1st two picks in ’09 went to the offensive side. They have to take the beast.

3. Tampa Bay = Gerald McCoy-DT(Jr), Oklahoma.
The Bucs rush defense was last in the league. They wanted Suh, yet who doesn’t???

4. Washington = Russell Okung- OT(Sr), Oklahoma State.
The Skins have Donovan McNabb now. Shanahan should recognize the issues D.C. had last season with poor pocket protection, and look to insure their new veteran signal caller.

5. Kansas City = Eric Berry- S(Jr), Tennessee.
The Chiefs could go solid Linebacker here, or big playmaker Safety... let’s go with the fun and shiny new toy.

6. Seattle = CJ Spiller- RB(Sr), Clemson.
A spark at RB and in the kickoff/punt return game is needed. Plus, they’ve shored up their QB worries during Free Agency.

7. Cleveland = Joe Haden- CB(Jr), Florida.
A pass-catching TE in Ben Watson, plus a veteran QB from Carolina in Jake Delhomme. They’ll look for defense- and the pass defense was horrible in ’09.

8. Oakland = Dez Bryant- WR(Jr), Oklahoma State.
Something tells me that Al Davis is extending the ‘JaMarcus Russell Project’. So, he probably thinks the fix rests with more wideouts.

9. Buffalo = Trent Williams- OT(Sr), Oklahoma.
The Bills added a DT and LB during Free Agency... Does this point to Offense with their first selection???

10. Jacksonville = Devin McCourty- CB(Sr), Rutgers.
Many believe that Florida’s Tim Tebow will go to the Jags. I do as well, yet he’ll still be around in Round Two. So, I’ll go with the best Secondary help available.

11. Denver {from Chicago} = Derrick Morgan- DE(Jr), Georgia Tech.
It’s tough to predict what direction an average 8-8 team will take. Yet, rush defense was fragile point, so selecting the best Defensive Lineman may be the smartest move.

12. Miami = Brandon Graham- OLB(Sr), Michigan.
Letting Jason Taylor loose, plus adding Karlos Dansby at ILB, means that a decent offensive team should look to a pass-rushing Backer from the Draft.

13. San Francisco = Bryan Bulaga- OT(Jr), Iowa.
Their true weakness is allowing their QB to take hits- no matter who takes the snaps. I can see Coach Singletary grabbing a rising OT with the first of two 1st Round picks.

14. Seattle {from Denver} = Rolando McClain- ILB(Jr), Alabama.
Pass defense was weak in 2009, yet the personnel playing the Secondary look strong. Maybe it’s the run-stopping D-Line or LB corps that needs a little improvement to help last year’s pick of LB Aaron Curry.

15. New York Giants = Daryl Washington- ILB(Sr), TCU.
Pass defense, defending the pass, defense against the passing game. Any way you state it, the direction for the G-Men is clear. They signed Rolle for Safety, and need a solid coverage MLB.

16. Tennessee = Patrick Robinson- CB(Sr), Florida State.
The Titans give up a high average for opposing quarterbacks, and a shutdown corner could greatly help their pass rush as well.

17. San Francisco {from Carolina} = Mike Iupati- OG(Sr), Idaho.
Coach will want to fix his O-Line with no questions. He’ll go back-to-back for a top OT & OG to create a solid wall for his QB and running game.

18. Pittsburgh = Golden Tate- WR(Jr), Notre Dame.
The Steelers let Holmes go for a 5th Rounder. Tate will be too much of a temptation to let slide by.

19. Atlanta = Kyle Wilson- CB(Sr), Boise State.
Atlanta’s secondary allows opposing QBs to accumulate a 94.6 passer rating. Their Safeties are solid, yet the Cornerback position is completely unstable.

20. Houston = Jonathan Dwyer- RB(Jr), Georgia Tech.
Sitting in the top 5 worst yards-per-rush category, the Texans may want to build on the offensive line’s foundation with a top Guard. Yet, they can still grab a good one in Round 2.

21. Cincinnati = Jermaine Gresham- TE(Sr), Oklahoma.
They were 26th in Passing Offense last season. Antonio Bryant and Chris Davis were signed to help in the receiving game. They only have one LT with Andrew Whitworth. Yet, a big receiving TE could be tempting as well...

22. New England = Jerry Hughes- DE/OLB(Sr), TCU.
The Pats are getting long in the tooth at running back. But, their defense ranked 23rd in defensive sacks per game.

23. Green Bay = Bruce Campbell- OT(Jr), Maryland.
They allowed 51 sacks in 16 games. That’s not counting the time that Rodgers has needed to run for his life or throw it away.

24. Philadelphia = Jason Pierre-Paul- DE(Jr), South Florida.
The Eagles’ offense is pretty solid across the board. Yet, so was their defense. With a balanced team, Philly may go with the 2010 Combine Beast.

25. Baltimore = Dan Williams- DT(Sr), Tennessee
The Ravens added some receiving during the offseason to help out Flacco. Now it’s time to keep their solid defense, solid.

26. Arizona = Brandon Spikes- ILB(Sr), Florida.
The middle of that defense- Dansby gone- is their Achilles’ Heel. They’ll need to take the best Inside or Outside Backer to strengthen the defense’s core.

27. Dallas = Anthony Davis- OT(Jr), Rutgers.
They could really use a quick WR that can be threat on Special Teams, but they also need an Offensive Tackle better than the “mediocre at best” Flozell Adams- whom was just released.

28. New York Jets = Jared Odrick- DT(Sr), Penn State
The Jets grabbed Santonio Holmes to bolster the receiving corps. The D-Line needs bolstering before everyone joins AARP.

29. San Diego = Toby Gerhart- RB/FB(Sr)- Stanford
The Chargers have 3.3 rushing yards per attempt, being second-to-last in the league; lacking a “powerback game”. They let LT go to the Jets, and Sproles needs a balance to is small and quick attack.

30. Minnesota = Jimmy Clausen- QB(Jr), Norte Dame.
What happens when Brett Re-Re-Retires? Got to bring in some competition against Tavaris Jackson for the offseason. Clausen seems to meet the NFL prototype over Colt McCoy.

31. Indianapolis = Vladimir Ducasse- OG(Sr), UMass
Their offensive line was abysmal per rush attempt, while having two excellent running backs on their roster. They cut OG Lilja and signed a couple other journey linemen this off-season; in efforts to go “bigger” up front.

32. New Orleans = Sean Lee- OLB(Sr)- Penn State.
The offense is excellent, while their defense can be “bent” at all positions. This may force them to select the best well-rounded athlete at Linebacker, in efforts to address a little of the run and pass defense deficiencies.

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By Larry McCammon