Daryl's 2009 NFL Mock Draft

Mock Draft Version 7: Updated 14 March 2009

With Two Rounds!

Combine shakes things up!

1. Detroit- BJ Raji, DT- With Cory Redding traded to Seattle for LB Julian Peterson, a gaping hole in the middle of the Lions defence has become that much bigger. Raji is a big guy who can fill it.

2. St. Louis- Jason Smith, OT- This is a dream scenario for the Rams with the release of Orlando Pace. Smith might be the best prospect in the draft and could go to Detroit.

3. Kansas City- Aaron Curry, OLB- K.C. needs quite a bit of things but the trade for Matt Cassell effectively rules out a QB. They need defence and Curry has set himself apart. OT is still a possibility because the o-line is not great.

4. Seattle- Brian Orakpo, DE- Personally, I think they dangle this pick, especially if the top OT are gone. They could try for Oher or A. Smith but they could use a stud DE, which Orakpo fits the bill. The only problem I have with Orakpo is switching him to LB, I think you’re taking away a tremendous DE prospect and those are becoming increasingly rare. Seahawks have the makings of a great 3rd down defence with Orakpo, Patrick Kerney and newly acquired Cory Redding moving inside.

5. Cleveland- Everette Brown*, DE/OLB- The Browns need a pass rusher to pair with Kamerion Wimbley and Brown should be a beast standing up. The Browns don’t have a real difference maker outside of a healthy Shaun Rogers, hopefully they land one here.

6. Cincinnati- Eugene Monroe, OT- I guess the Bengals seriously consider Cedric Benson “the guy” in their backfield so taking a RB is probably not in the cards. They get an upgrade for the o-line because someone has to block for Benson.

7. Oakland- Michael Oher, OT- While it is tempting to put Crabtree here, the Raiders still need to address the o-line. There is a sort of different feel to the Raiders this year as they haven’t spent oodles of money in free agency. While a WR is tempting and a major need, OL is a pressing need as well.

8. Jacksonville- Michael Crabtree*, WR- This has to be looking pretty good for the Jags right now because of a glaring need at WR. By no means are they set along the o-line but Crabtree is a near can’t miss prospect, they can’t let history dictate what they do now. Their record in free agency hasn’t been anything to brag about either.

9. Green Bay- Knowshon Moreno*, RB- They’ve done very well at adding pieces to the defence through free agency and usually target the best player available anyways; in this case, that’s Moreno. A slow 40 at the combine will not hurt his stock that bad because of how fast and fearless he plays. He gives them another back to pair with Ryan Grant, who had a very down year.

10. San Francisco- Jeremy Maclin*, WR- It is tempting to give them Stafford but it’s such a strange situation with Alex Smith that it doesn’t seem likely they want to spend on another QB this high. I think the new staff wants to see what he can do now that he’s healthy and maybe give him some continuity in his career. Maclin gives them a weapon at a weakness on offence.

11. Buffalo- Alex Mack, C- Mack can play any inside position and should play right away. The Bills are still a few pieces away on both sides of the ball but a skill position is less likely with the signing of TO. No pass rushers are worth going this high.

12. Denver- Rey Maualuga, ILB- Denver has needs at all levels of defence but Maualuga offers them an immediate playmaker. Looking at the roster, they just might have a couple of serviceable DE for the 3-4 but the LB crew is still built for small ball.

13. Washington- Andre Smith*, OT- The Redskins take a chance on Smith to add youth to an aging o-line. Immaturity has really plagued Smith but he might be able to start at guard as a rookie.

14. New Orleans- Malcolm Jenkins, CB- Slow times in the forty push Jenkins down boards and right into the lap of the Saints, desperately in need of top cover corner. Could also play FS for them as well.

15. Houston- James Laurinaitis, LB- The Texans added DE Antonio Smith for big money and hope that he can provide the missing piece along their d-line. What they are still missing though is someone to team up with LB DeMeco Ryans.

16. San Diego- Tyson Jackson, DE- They lost Igor Olshansky and LT is staying in town so Jackson, the best 3-4 DE in the draft, is the likely choice.

17. NY Jets- Matt Stafford*, QB- Adding Lito Sheppard likely means they won’t take a CB but increases the possibility they pull the trigger on a QB or a WR. They’ve spent good money on the defence but have some pieces missing on offence.

18. Chicago- LeSean McCoy*, RB- I still think McCoy is the 2nd best back in the draft and would make a good compliment to Matt Forte. The Bears could do a lot worse for Kyle Orton than put two promising young runners like Forte and McCoy in the backfield with him.

19. Tampa Bay- Clay Matthews, OLB- LB has suddenly gone from a position of strength to a question mark. Actually, the defence as a whole is a question mark, but Matthews is versatile enough to rush the passer and drop back into coverage. Looks like a prototype SLB.

20. Detroit (from Dallas)- Brandon Pettigrew, TE- When’s the last time Detroit had a Pro Bowl TE? They boast very little at TE currently and Pettigrew is someone who can help change the culture in Detroit.

21. Philadelphia- Brian Cushing, OLB- Cushing can play all three LB spots and is another incredibly versatile weapon for Jim Johnson to play with.

22. Minnesota- Mark Sanchez*, QB- They seem content to keep trying to hit on middling players like Sage Rosenfels but Sanchez may make them rethink that strategy if he’s available. Rosenfels and Tarvaris Jackson can duke it out this year while Sanchez get’s warmed up for 2010.

23. New England- Aaron Maybin*, DE/OLB- The Pats traded their best pass rusher so Maybin might have to make a quick impact. New England just seems to bring out the best in guys.

24. Atlanta- Alphonso Smith, CB- CB is not a strong point for the Falcons and Smith is someone who could have an immediate impact on the field this year. He’s one of my favourite prospects and he’s been very underrated because of his height.

25. Miami- Darius Butler, CB- Butler is incredibly fast and brings a ton of promise to what is shaping up as a weak CB group. A physical LB like Brian Cushing is also a stark possibility.

26. Baltimore- Hakeem Nicks*, WR- They managed to keep 2 out of 3 of their LB so they can turn their attention elsewhere. Nicks is a big target who can get downfield, a perfect fit for Joe Flacco and company.

27. Indianapolis- Evander Hood, DT- Hood is looking like he could crack the first round and fill a huge need for the Colts. If he learns to play lower he will be a great run-stuffer who can put some pressure on the pocket.

28. Philadelphia (from Carolina)- Louie Delmas, S- Delmas may not replace Brian Dawkins but he’s a good prospect who does a lot of things very well, but is not special in any one area. He provides great depth to a safety group that is undergoing a makeover.

29. NY Giants- Jared Cook*, TE- They’ve done very well at adding complementary pieces throughout the defence and are holding out some sliver of hope that Plax will have the chance to return. With the way Cook blew up at the combine, he could hear his name in the first round and this is a great place for him to land.

30. Tennessee- Peria Jerry, DT- Tennessee has the chance to pick the BPA, which is arguably Jerry at this point. D-line depth has been a staple the last two seasons and Jerry adds to the replacement of Big Al.

31. Arizona- Connor Barwin, DE/OLB- Barwin had one of the better combine showings this year and could sneak into the first round because the former TE is an incredible athlete. He’s just scratching the surface of what he could be.

32. Pittsburgh- Vontae Davis*, CB- The defending champs got weaker in their secondary by losing Bryant McFadden to the Cards. Davis has the potential to develop into their top corner behind Ike Taylor and Deshea Townsend.