Bryan's 2009 NFL Mock Draft

Updated 24 January 2009
By Bryan Dietzler

It’s that time of the year again, time to start throwing out predictions on who will go where in the 2009 NFL Draft. The following is my first stab at a mock draft to start a long season of mock drafts.

1. Detroit Lions-Matthew Stafford-QB-Georgia-Stafford is coming out a year early and Sam Bradford is a question mark. This would be a wise pick for the lowly Lions.

2. St. Louis Rams-Michael Oher-OT-Ole Miss-The Rams could use the help on the offensive line especially with Orlando Pace getting older and spending a lot of time on the shelf with injuries.

3. Kansas City Chiefs-Eugene Monroe-OT-Virginia-The Chiefs need someone big and strong to anchor the line and Monroe would fit in nicely.

4. Seattle Seahawks-Michael Crabtree-WR-Texas Tech-The Seahawks desperately need help at the wide receiver position and Crabtree is the best in the draft so far.

5. Cleveland Browns-Malcolm Jenkins-CB-Ohio State-The Browns need to focus on defense and Jenkins can help them fix their pass defense.

6. Cincinnati Bengals-Aaron Curry-LB-Wake Forest-The Bengals have had perpetual bad luck and injury problems at the linebacker position and Curry could be a “cure all” for this.

7. Oakland Raiders-Andre Smith-OT-Alabama-The Raiders haven’t had a lot of success at the tackle position but they may find a good one in Smith who is a monster both run and pass blocking.

8. Jacksonville Jaguars-Jason Smith-OT-Baylor-The problems on the Jaguars offensive line are well known and getting some help in this draft is a must.

9. Green Bay Packers-Brian Orakpo-DE-Texas-The Packers had problems rushing the passer last season so Orapko would help them out there.

10. San Francisco 49ers-Mike Mickens-CB-Cincinnati-The 49ers had problems defending against some opposing wide receivers. Mickens can help them out there.

11. Buffalo Bills-Vontae Davis-CB-Illinois-Buffalo needs help on defense and getting a near shutdown corner like Davis would be a great addition to their defense.

12. Denver Broncos-Rey Maulaluga-ILB-USC-After struggling at the linebacker position this season, Maulaluga would really improve their defense.

13. Washington Redskins-B.J. Raji-DT-Boston College-The Redskins could go a few different directions but adding a player like Raji would really help their defense.

14. New Orleans Saints-James Laurinaitis-ILB-Ohio State-The Saints could go with a good cornerback here if there is one but getting a linebacker would help their defense out as well.

15. Houston Texans-Michael Johnson-DE-Georgia Tech-Imagine Mario Williams on one side and another fierce pass rusher on the other. Could Johnson help the achieve this?

16. San Diego Chargers-Brian Cushing-LB-USC-Getting Shawne Merriman back will be big and getting another powerful linebacker would be even bigger.

17. New York Jets-Chris Wells-RB-Ohio State-If Wells can prove he will be able to stay healthy enough, he could make a splash with the Jets.

18. Chicago Bears-Jeremy Maclin-WR-Missouri-The Bears need some help at wideout and Maclin gives them the down the field threat that they have been lacking.

19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Peria Jerry-DT-Ole Miss-The Buccaneers didn’t get a lot of pressure on the quarterback last season and need to get some help at the defensive tackle position.

20. Detroit Lions (from Dallas)-Duke Robinson-OG-Oklahoma-The Lions can continue to build their offense and selecting a guard would be a huge step in the right direction.

21. Arizona Cardinals-Knowshon Moreno-RB-Georgia-With Edgerrin James running out of steam, the Cardinals may want to improve their running game and Moreno could be just what they need.

22. Philadelphia Eagles-Brandon Pettigrew-TE-Oklahoma State-The Eagles need to get someone who can be an effective pass catcher and a blocker and Pettigrew could help them out with those two things.

23. Minnesota Vikings-William Moore-S-Missouri-The Vikings need an upgrade at the safety position and if Moore is around the Vikings should take him.

24. New England Patriots-Jason Smith-OT-Baylor-The Patriots offensive line had its struggles in 2008 and it needs and upgrade. Smith, who will probably end up going higher, could really help them out.

25. Atlanta Falcons-Fili Moala-DT-USC-Help on the interior defensive line would be great and Moala should be around when the Falcons make their pick in the draft.

26. Miami Dolphins-Percy Harvin-WR-Florida-Coupling Harvin with Ted Ginn Jr. and Greg Camarillo would give the Dolphins quite a receiving corps.

27. Baltimore Ravens-Darius Heyward-Bey-WR-Maryland-The Ravens need a receiving threat and if Harvin isn’t available then they should go for Bey.

28. Indianapolis Colts-Evander Hood-DT-Missouri-The Colts need help in a few different areas this offseason like wide receiver and linebacker but someone like Hood would be great for them as well.

29. Philadelphia Eagles (from Carolina)-Phil Loadholt-OT-Oklahoma-Age is creeping up hard on the offensive line for the Eagles and they could use the help (especially with Shawn Andrews issues also).

30. New York Giants-Clint Sintim-OLB-Virginia-The Giants might need to get a wide receiver if they don’t get Plaxico Burress back but getting some help at the outside linebacker position is a must as well.

31. Pittsburgh Steelers-Herman Johnson-OG-LSU-Herman is a monster and if the Steelers can rebuild their offensive line, they will be able to run and pass all day long.

32. Tennessee Titans-Alphonso Smith-CB-Wake Forrest-Getting another good cornerback opposite Courtland Finnegan would really help their pass defense.

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