5 Benefits Of Hbot In Treating Sports Injury

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Most of the sports that we have today are considered as physical sports. From soccer to basketball to MMA, it is no denying that majority of sports requires healthy and strong physical fitness for you to be able to engage competitively in the game. However, it is still unavoidable for players to get and experience some injuries. This perhaps, is the number one enemy of any player because it interferes them to perform well in the game. But thanks to HBOT or hyperbaric oxygen therapy, sports injury can be given the right and accurate treatment. To expound on this, here are some of the benefits of HBOT in treating sports injury.


Swelling is one of the most problems of injuries that players encounter during the game. Through HBOT, the breathed oxygen in hyperbaric or also called under pressure environment can improve you while blood cells count that are responsible in fighting bacteria and swelling caused by the injury.

It can cut recovery time by 70%

HBOT courses with physiotherapy has already been proven as a good and effective way to get back your fitness in 70% less time.

Heals Soft Tissue

Blood vessels generation which is caused by HBOT facilitates in creating the appropriate environment for your body’s natural healing process to repair damages.

HBOT enhances performance by increasing red blood cell count.

Another benefits of HBOT is that it helps in increasing the production of red blood cells, in a hyperbaric environment .

Hyperbaric plasma load

HBOT also causes a full and complete oxygen to diffuse into the plasma and be stored on it.

It is no doubt that HBOT or hyperbaric oxygen therapy can be a안전놀이터 for players who have suffered from injuries.