3 Telltale Signs To Replace iPhone Battery

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Do you think you have to go for iphone battery repair or replacement sometime soon? Well, your phone will send you some subtle signs to warn you about a quick replacement of battery. A depleted battery can be dangerous for the health of your iPhone.  Thus, you should always be watchful of signs that alert you to replace the iPhone battery.

The post below will be handy for you here.

Phone becoming excessively hot

Is your iPhone getting too hot over time? It’s natural for the phone to get hot if used for long. But if you are experiencing this problem even with occasional and short-time usage, then your battery might need a replacement.

Enlarged battery

Are you experiencing white hazy screen for some time now? Does it seem that the screen is moving slightly which you pinch on phone edges? Well, all these are signs of swollen battery. If you have been experiencing them for a while, you must immediately go for battery replacement.  However, if the battery has got enlarged, do not attempt to puncture. The battery contains toxic elements and must be disposed of responsibly.

Phone shutting down abruptly

This is one of the major signs of battery replacement for an iPhone. If you are experiencing unexpected shutdowns frequently, try this method here:

  • First, use the phone till it gets shut down all by itself because of low battery
  • Then, plug the device into a good charger and allows uninterrupted charge till the charge reaches to 100%
  • Unplug the phone and then perform soft reset. Hold wake/sleep button as well as Home button till you get to see Apple’s signature logo.

If you seem to face iPhone battery issues despite reset, then you will have to go for battery replacement as soon as possible.