4 Driving Rules They Driving School Instructors Won’t Teach You

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Driving schools helps you to learn the skills and techniques, but there are many things and skills that they don’t teach you in driving sessions and practises. The driving school make you learn about the basic things like accelerator, brakes, and gears and helps you to drive the car at different speeds. No doubt they also make about the techniques on how to control the car from occurring accidents, but there are a lot more rules and things that they don’t teach or provide knowledge about you, let us some of those things which are as follows:-

  1. Drive in bad weather

Not every time the weather will be the same, it may happen that you need to drive the car during the heavy rainy season or extremely bad weather in case of snow or other. You must know the proper skills on how to drive the car and calm your nerves to handle the situation.

  1. Feature of anti-lock brakes

This is a safety system that is in-built in the cars that prevent the wheels from locking down during the time of intense braking. This feature must be known, and the driver must know how and when to use it.

  1. Don’t be a multi-tasker

A good driver must not perform multi-task while driving the car. It can be highly dangerous if you get indulged in other things while driving the car the same as you cannot serve two masters at the same time.

  1. Use of horn

Not every beep of the horn means the same, and one must not use horn regularly. It causes irritation and anger to other motorists, and you must know how and when to make use of horn.

Those as mentioned above are some important rules that the driving school instructors won’t teach you, and you must learn and check them out.