Pest Control Ideas at The Office

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It’s easy to get everyone at home to work with you in dealing with pests such as cockroaches, fruit flies, moths and rodents. But when you’re at work where everyone has a different mindset than yours can be difficult. Some won’t really care about these pests seeing as it’s not their home. Some would really just rely on the management to do something about it than do it themselves.

But it’s easy to get everyone to practice some pest control tips even when they’re at the office. It’s not such a difficult task to do since it’s pretty simple. Below are a few ideas how:

Designate Roles

There’s always a team leader in each department. Have these team leaders be in charge of setting up a certain practice for avoiding pests at work. Some examples are making sure they clean their desks at every shift or to only eat at the pantry. These are small actions that can lead to big changes.

Team leaders can also set a reminder or discuss with everyone every month or so regarding his or her department’s cleaning habits. This way everyone is aware that aside from getting the job done, a clean environment is just as important too.

Give Trainings

Giving employees trainings on how to deal with pests can help them be aware of the problem. Like how leaving crumbs on their desks or on the floor is food for rodents or cockroaches, or how leaving fruit on their desks and snacks that are opened can accumulate fruit flies. Educate them on how it would affect their health should their workstations be infested with pests. That will get them to keep the office clean.

Pest Control

If the employees are doing their part, so should management. Assigning a pest control every few months regularly should help keep the office clean. Contact if you’re in the area. They’ll be able to deal with your problem quick.