Handy Guide On Installing APK Files For Windows Phone

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Do you want to get some popular APK files on Windows phone? It could be that some of your friends are raving about some really cool APKs available in Google Play or aptoide app store. And now, you want them for your Windows mobile too. Well, it’s to note here, it’s not possible to install an APK on a Windows phone the way one does on an Android phone. For that, you will have to count on a special too called “wconnect tool” which is specifically designed for this purpose.

The post below offers a step-by-step guide on installing APK files for Windows phone.

Step 1

As mentioned earlier, you will need wconnect tool here. So, download it. Along with that, download Android SDK tool adb.

Step 2

After you have downloaded, you will have to extract contents of these downloaded files into a separate folder. Open the folder for wconnect. Then, you will install the following- “IpOverUsbInstaller.msi” & “vcredist_x86.exe”.

Step 3

Go to the “Settings” section on Windows phone. From there move to “Update and Security”. Go to “For Developers”. As you reach there, look for “Developers Mode” as well as “Device Discovery”. Enable them.

Step 4

Return to wconnect folder. Click on Shift & Right and open command prompt. Click on it and then click on the option that says “Open Command Windows Here.”

Step 5

In the next step, you will have to connect your mobile to computer. You can connect via Wi-Fi or USB. It’s better to conduct the entire operation before your computer only. You may be asked to type pairing codes. Do it.

Step 6

Now, go to adb folder as well as open command prompt. The Windows mobile should be connected. Just type “adb devices” right in command prompt. Run it. You will immediately get a roster of every connected device.

Step 7

Then, you will copy APK of your desired Android app which you have to install in adb directory. After you do that, just type in “adb install APKNAME.apk”. Needless to mention “APKNAME” will represent the app you want for your Windows phone.