5 Reasons Elucidating On The Importance Of Using A VPN

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What is a VPN?

Virtual Private Network, commonly called as VPN is a tool that gives a user online privacy and anonymity by creating an exclusive private network from the public connection used by the same. It does the same by masking the IP address of the user and thus making it impossible to track the online activity of the user. Apart from this, it also helps the user in establishing a secure and encrypted connection that allows him or her to enjoy a great deal of privacy. The article elucidates on the same and also answers about how does stealth vpn work.

Reasons for use

The following are the five basic reasons for which one should indeed use VPN:

  • Important saving tool while accessing for any sensitive website on the public Wi-Fi hotspot by masking the user IP and preventing his or her activities from getting monitored by the online hackers
  • Protects the valuable information like usernames and passwords of bank accounts and social media accounts that are accessed from public networks
  • Aids in accessing important websites that have been put under geo-restrictions i.e. can only be accessed by a particular location of the users
  • Avoiding any kind of online threats or spam messages that might threaten the sensitive information of the users
  • Improving the speed of the internet by creating a separate private domain for the user

Working of stealth VPN

Now coming to how does stealth vpn work, it is a special case of VPN where the VPN traffic can be disguised as a public one in front of the network administrators and the malicious black hat hackers to maintain the user anonymity. It basically camouflages the VPN data packets as regular HTTP traffic packets and thus prevents even the network firewalls from blocking the VPN use. Hence this is the most effective tool out of the other options available for VPN and makes it one of the most preferred ones.