The Game Of Football And Its Health Benefits

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Football, Soccer or whatever it is called, it is one of the most loved, entertaining and played sport in the world. Almost half of the population of the world are interested in football and around one fifth of the world population actually participate in it.

90 minutes of absolute thrill and excitement of maximum 16 players of each team, this is football.

Now looking at football from an individualistic view or at a micro level, football is a health machine, a gym for a fitness freak, a mind game for intellectuals and what more about pokerqq.

Here are 10 health benefits of football by PokerQQ :

  • A healthy heart:

Running and jumping is always recommended as a good exercise for the heart. Well, football is the hub of it. It gives a big pressure on the heart and keeps it well functioned.

  • Controlled blood pressure:

A healthy heart will obviously pump blood properly and thus keep the body’s blood pressure at its best form.

  • More muscle mass, more bone strength:

There is a great difference between normal people and the footballers. This is because most of the normal people are inactive than the footballers. Heavy activity helps gain muscles and increase bone strength.

  • Say No to Body fats:

Body fats and obesity has become a major threat of today’s people. Constant running helps burning unwanted calories and kills fats in the body.

  • Powerhouse of strength and stamina:

Various types of exercises in a single sport will definitely increase body strength and stamina required for any other day to day life activities.

  • Building speed:

Practice makes a man perfect. To gain body speed and good reflexes, one must regularly play football. Its hub of increasing speed and developing body reflexes.

  • Train the Brain:

Football is a game of individual skills and techniques. Strategic and critical thinking are most important while playing football. The brain’s ability to be prompt in making instant decisions get well trained in football.

  • Improved concentration and coordination:

Football is played with a team. Undoubtedly teamwork is developed. Football needs concentration. One can develop being focused in a particular task if he/she plays football. It trains to be focused.

  • High Endurance level:

To play constantly at any conditions for a constant 90minutes will gradually increase the endurance level of a person. A person will learn to withstand wear and tear. This is a very healthy practice for the body

  • Better Aerobic capacity:

So much of running, jumping, sprinting, throwing etc. increases metabolism in the body and frees up all the jammed parts of the body as a whole. Such a free body allows better movement of oxygen in the body which is very much required for a healthy body.

Thus, football is a hall of all exercises which together develop a body in all aspects.