Danario Alexander

danario-alexander Wide Receiver

6' 5" 210 lbs.



Size, Speed, RAC ability.

Negatives: Physicalness, Route Running

By: Mike Dixon
Seahawks Columnist

For some reason up here in the Northwest, I am able to catch a few Missouri games on cable before my Washington Huskies play their afternoon games. No player has excited me more this year than WR Danario Alexander.

At 6'5” 210lbs, his size alone is enough to make NFL teams drool, but he also brings incredible speed to the table as well. His speed is the sneaky Randy Moss kind, a long strider that is faster than he looks.

So far this year (11 Games) Alexander has 92 Receptions, 1411yds, and 12TD...thats 128yds per game folks! In his first three years at Missouri, Alexander had a combined for a total of 78 catches, 997yds and 8TD. I assume thats the definition of a breakout year.

Alexander is a QB's dream receiver too. With his ability to go up and get balls that no other receiver can catch, he can bail out a passer that is under pressure, or in the red-zone catch TD passes that a cornerback can't even get close to.

Admittedly the Missouri Tigers struggled as a team against the better opponents this year, such as Texas and Nebraska, and as a result Alexander didn't have great games against those guys. His best game of the year came a few weeks ago against the Kansas State Wildcats, racking up 10 catches for 200yds and 3 TD. Anyone who watched that game could not help but realize that this was a man amongst boys out on the football field. Twice Danario has gone over 200yds in a game (Baylor- 214, Kansas State- 200), and 7 games over 100yds.

There are going to be some really good receivers taken out of this years Draft. Mardy Gilyard- Cincinnati, Jordan Shipley-Texas, Dezmon Briscoe (Jr.)-Kansas, Dez Bryant (Jr.)- Oklahoma State, etc, are all polished, very skilled wide outs that any team would love to add. One of the reasons that some of the other receivers might get taken before Alexander is because of their ability to be utilized in the kick return, or punt return game.

When the Draft is over and done with, I think it might be found that WR Danario Alexander is the best player at the Wide Receiver position to come out of the 2010 Draft Class. I foresee him going in the middle to late first round, simply because of the depth on defense at the top of this years Draft. Watch this kid in the skill assessment bowls after the regular season ends and you will see why I am so high on him. If he slips past the 1st Round, I will immediately put Alexander in my steals of the Draft list.