Dan LeFevour

Dan LeFevour

Scouting Report


Central Michigan


6' 3" 229lbs.

Projected 40 Time: 4.80.

Consensus Projected Round (2010): 4-5.

By Bill Smith

LeFevour is going to shoot up the draft boards around the league. When the draft smoke clears, I expect to see him in the 2nd round rather than the 4th or 5th like other draft forecasts project. The opinions vary widely about his pro potential. One scout said he is the best QB to come out of the MAC in the last 10 years. Given the success that MAC conference QBs have had, that is a big statement. Another popular site said that he is similar to QB Charlie Frye. That is a large difference of opinion.


He is a 4 year starter that has thrown for nearly 13,000 yards, 102 TDs and just 36 picks including only 7 in 456 attempts in 09. He has an overhand delivery and a quicker than average release. He is very accurate on short throws but somewhat less so on medium passes. He has the touch to put the ball on the hands of receiver. He anticipates the blitz and is very good at pre-snap reads finding the hot receiver. He seems to have decent vision and is able to find a second receiver even under pressure. He can avoid the blitz and move in the pocket but does get happy feet when defenders are around his legs.

His mechanics are consistent and better than most college QBs. His release point is higher than most which prevents many batted balls. He sets his feet adding to his accuracy. When he is forced out of the pocket, he is accurate moving to his right but not to his left.

He is an above average runner as well and will avoid the big hit but get the first down. While his frame does not suggest he will be allowed to run much at the next level, he can move the chains with his legs if pass protection breaks down. He has the inner strength to stand in against a blitz and take the hit if necessary to complete the pass.


He has only an average arm and can struggle to make deep out throws. He tends to step into passes and sometimes struggles when the middle of the pocket collapses preventing that. On long passes the ball hangs but he is capable of dropping the ball down the chimney over a DB. He is thin but has the frame to add bulk.

Like most college QBs he tends to stare down his primary receiver. While this doesn't have much effect on short quick throws, it does draw safety coverage to deep throws. That is trouble if the ball hangs up in the wind. He has not had to read coverage very often in the spread O that CM runs. But when he sees his primary covered he seems to process that quickly and will go to the second guy.

Like most college QBs, he has virtually no experience with the 3, 5, and 7 step drops that are required in the NFL. While physically he seems capable of the drop, the question is will he be able to read coverages while he is setting up to throw. Almost every top QB prospect this season has the exact same question about their ability to drop at the NFL level.

The Bottom line:

I like LeFevour better than most of the other QBs in the draft. That is a combination of his ability and his probable draft position in the 2nd round. He would be a great value if he drops past pick 50.